Application Areas



With a proven track record for large scale installations across multiple facilities, Green Ray LED has the products and expertise to ensure a swift and easy upgrade to LED technology through your entire enterprise that not only saves energy, but also improves customer satisfaction.
Office lighting has a direct impact on the workers’ visual comfort and ability to perform a task, which in turn affects the productivity level and effectiveness of your business. Lighting is a key factor to providing your employees with the right environment and ambiance.
Green Ray has products made with explosion proof technology, making them suitable for gas stations and other areas prone to fire and high heat.

Dark and dingy stores are not appealing to a customer. Upgrading to cost efficient Green Ray LED lighting solutions ensure that convenience stores and laundromats have inviting atmospheres that drive more traffic to your location.

With a broad range of flood and area lighting solutions, Green Ray LED lights and fixtures provide superb outdoor lighting for both signage and general outdoor areas.
Green Ray LED lamps and light fixtures are specifically designed for parking applications. A LED upgrade will not only improve the overall lighting of a parking lot or facility, but also add savings to the bottom line, all the while providing a secure and safe environment.
Green Ray LED lighting improves the ambience and aesthetic appeal of food products and merchandise, ultimately resulting in better overall shopping experience, which makes a difference to every bottom line.
Operational savings can mean the difference between a profit and a loss. Green Ray LED high bay and industrial lighting products offer the best in class value for warehouses, factories, and industrial processing facilities – saving electricity and reducing maintenance related costs.
If our existing products don’t fit your needs, we can work with you to provide custom-designed solutions for projects with unique lighting requirements, engineered to your specifications.