Commercial Offices

Office lighting has a direct impact on the workers’ visual comfort and ability to perform a task, which in turn affects the productivity level and effectiveness of your business. Lighting is a key factor to providing your employees with the right environment and ambiance.

With LEDs, you have different color temperatures and illuminance levels to customize your optimum solution. Green Ray LED will work together with you to find the best tones and amount of light for each area of your commercial office.

Control your energy costs

Lighting comprises more than 20% of the total energy usage in the average commercial office building. Controlling your energy costs with the implementation of Green Ray LED lighting will not only provide your business with significant energy savings, but also long-term benefits and operating cost reduction. Due to the longevity of LEDs, the typical ongoing maintenance and disposal costs are significantly reduced throughout a period of at least 5 years.

Promote a sustainable brand

Sustainability is not only important to your bottom line and energy savings, but also to the image of your company and brand. By going green and making the switch to LEDs with Green Ray, your business will be seen as a leader in social responsibility and could even start a trend for others in your neighborhood to follow in your footsteps.

Case Studies

Restaurant Case Study: McDonald’s

Since making the easy transition to Green Ray LED lighting in 2010, this McDonald’s joint has experienced rewarding returns and high quality lighting. Click to download the case study to see the numbers behind their success.

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Green Ray LED has a wide variety of adaptable solutions to accommodate your lighting needs, with a track record for success in optimizing office productivity through energy efficiency. Contact our team today to see how we can assist in the future success of your business.