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Core Concept: Under-driving

Simply defined, under-driving an LED is powering the LED at a current below its nominal rated forward current. The reason Green Ray chooses to under-drive our LEDs is because we are trying to push efficiency,...
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Bryant Park Ice Rink Aerial View

Bryant Park Ice Rink – LED Dashers

Green Ray LED recently partnered with Bryant Park in New York City to provide a fully customized product to light the dasher boards at the ice rink for their Bank of America Winter Village. The...
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Quality First

Green Ray LED has samples of each product tested according to the requirements of the applicable ENERGY STAR product specification. What does it mean? It means that our products have the approval of the best...
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Always aiming higher

Always aiming higher. Now, with the most efficient LED light in the world. Green Ray LED made a mark in the history of lighting with an LED that reaches an efficiency of 173 lumens per...
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