Versa A Series

Versa A Series
Product Description

  • A Series Versa LED luminaires are available in 50W and 100W, and are suitable for a variety of interior overhead lighting applications.
  • Warm, neutral and cool color temperatures are available.
  • 0-10V dimming is standard on all models.
  • The A Series Versa is built to the highest quality standards with a 5-year limited warranty.
  • UL and DLC certifications are pending.
  • Product uses a low-power, energy efficient LED light source, with high efficacy and low heat.
  • Luminaire is an environmentally safe RoHS-compliant cold light source and does not contain mercury.
  • Constant-current driver ensures high efficiency, long lifespan, accurate constant current, good heat dissipation and no flickering.
  • Product can be configured with different mounting options.
  • Multiple Versas can be connected end-to-end flush with one another from a single power source.
  • Model Input (V) Power Consumption (W) Color Temperature (K) Lumens (Lm) Efficacy (Lm/W) CRI Beam Angle Measurements
    GR-VL3-0450AI*†- AC100-277V 50/60HZ 50 3000-5500 5000 100 >80 120° 1200x116x66mm
    GR-VL5-4100AI*†- AC100-277V 50/60HZ 100 3000-5500 10000 100 >80 120° 1200x116x66mm

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